Wednesday, 24 July 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 11

A pretty good nights racing last night. Conditions were good, little wind and numbers were pretty high. All the usual suspects were there including LBRCCs Andy, Dave and Vince. Though sadly due to the lack of marshals we were confined to in inner circuit for the whole race. Usually the opening of the gates to extend the circuit at the halfway mark is a game changer. Tonight it would be very hard to split the bunch.
Back in the bunch with Andy after a failed breakaway

For the first half hour the racing was pretty uneventful, a few too many changes of line and the odd rider getting out of the saddle were enough to keep you on your toes.
Then all of a sudden there's a touch of wheels, to my left riders go down - not sure how many, but there's a bike and red lycra coming my way. I hit the brakes and get ready to bunny hop my way out of trouble. I slide to a halt and survive, there's carnage behind and all I can see are the lime green shoulders of Vince flying through the air.
The bunch are up the road so I chase and get back on before the next incline. When we pass the accident site again Vince is lying down grasping his shoulder with medics in attendance.
We press on increasing the pace on the only incline, but only a few riders are getting dropped. We then up the pace and attack the incline, that strings it out and we lap the younger A/B race as a result.
Taking a breather with Andy

There then follows an almost neutralisation of the race as we let the E/F/Gs go. At this point I assume we are a complete bunch and make sure Andy and Dave are ahead of me and in sight at all times. As we approach the final laps I move to the front, too near the front in fact. I know I stand no chance as second wheel, but I can't drop back. I listen carefully for the tell tale noise of the bunch on the attack...nothing. I even think about going for it on my own, but it only takes a few yards in top flight to suffer and die. I sit and wait. I'm still second wheel when the bell goes, Then as we climb for the flag they go past. Five go clear including Dave and Andy gets me on the line for 6th leaving me 7th, the wheel I was on has dropped right off. When I look over my shoulder there's no one about, we had split. So overall a pretty good effort on a circuit were breaking away was always going to be difficult.
Vince (think the medication has kicked in)

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