Saturday, 3 August 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 12

Consistently inconsistent! that's me. Another fine night and another full field, about fifty plus. It should have been the ideal race to hide and pop out of in the dying laps, but it wasn't to be. The race started slowly, I waited patiently virtually tapping my fingers, but we were still going pretty slow. I was beginning to get panicky about a fall in the huge slow moving bunch. So I thought I'd up the pace to get things going. I shot off, made a huge gap, but no one came across and it was far too early for a solo break. I sat up and waited to be joined by the bunch.
That marshal looks familiar!
Once back in the tempo rose on the only accent each lap, but it was having minimal effect. I went off again, again I got a decent gap, but again no one came and it was only halfway through the race. I sat up and awaited the bunch so I could sit in and recover. When they caught me they didn't pass leaving me hanging out to dry. We got the shout to announce the opening of the gates extending the circuit.
Yep she does look familiar that marshal.
As we came up to the gate exit  for the first time all and sundry came past me, I dropped a gear and rode up the inside to regain a position. Though even at this early stage my legs started to feel heavy. Every week I tell myself to stay back, let others do the work and every week I shoot off and kill myself. I thought I was okay, but the pace really picked up, it wasn't like other weeks, this was really fast, we even overtook the younger A/B race. Usually when it gets going riders fall off the back and form little groups, but this week the bunch was shelling them out one by one and no second group was ever going to form.
Yeah, red hair, a little thinner, but it is her isn't it that marshal?
Then it was my turn, caught napping behind a slowing E/F rider. By the time I realised the bunch had a few metres on me. I chased and got on and was promptly shelled out again. I was tired. I checked my watch, it wasn't worth bailing out so I pressed on. The car park was full of retired racers packing up their kit. I finished the race last man, I was 7th last week. The field had been decimated, I estimated that about only fifteen riders finished, and as one bunch. So next week THINK.
That marshal 'Don't go breaking my heart' Kiki Dee.
Kiki Dee marshaling a Vets race! not something you see every day.


Vince Barron said...

Been called a lot of things but I'm pritty sure I do not resemble kee Kee Dee in any way. As an observer/marshall I have watched 4or5 vet races this year, this was the first time I saw a true peloton riding on the outside of the circuit. Riders where shed from the back on a lap by lap basis so would have been a difficult race to monitor in the pack, and once shed you had no chance hooking back on. Reminded me of the eliminator or devil takes the hindmost on the track.

Carl said...

I should/well do know better. I swear to Queen and country to stay in next week.