Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sub 3 100km at last.

I've been trying to get under the 3 hour mark for ages now. I say trying, more along the lines of if I'm feeling good I'll go for it. The strangest thing is no matter how hard I tried my times were no quicker than my winter reliability trial times? I also never opted to use my race bike, just the old faithful Airborne.
So today was one of those feel good days, and to cap it off it was warm and still. I felt strong as soon as I got going, everywhere from my house is a one mile climb. I concluded that the dreadful week of races I just had, were in a roundabout way and enforced rest. And I'd been working less with HR on the Turbos and more with resistance.
At about two hours in I had a casual glance of my watch, and straightaway I could tell I was ahead on the road. I'll go for it then. I decided to keep it in the 39 and spin away, after all I was getting along swiftly in it so far. Conditions were great, no headwinds anywhere. And to make sure I bagged it I whacked it into the 53 for the last two kilometres. Still it was close at 2 hours 56 minutes.
Okay I know a lot of guys do faster times day in day out, but I just wanted to record the moment, as I ain't getting any younger. I reckon my race bike would have returned a better time.
With the 100kms up I still had 1 1/2 of riding to do, and was was suddenly hit with a raging thirst and a dwindling water supply. It took my fuzzy head ages to work out where the nearest shop was, and by the time I found it I was sucking moist air out of my bottle. Bottle filled and another shoved in my pocket I completed the ride a happy man.
Aren't days off great.

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