Saturday, 13 July 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 9

After not finishing in the Nationals three days before, and after a long hot hundred miler plus two days before, I swore that I'd stay in the bunch tonight. I won't do the work on the front and I wont chase all the breaks.
So once underway I went after the first break from ex team mate Andy. Then closed a few more, chased a few more further breaks before doing two laps on the front. Less than ten percent were willing to work at all.
As usual I felt okay when we got the shout that the gates were about to open. Opening of 'the gates' doubles the circuit size. And transforms it from a tarmac hilly velodrome to a twisty technical circuit.
The opening of 'the gates' also has the magical effect of splitting the field and once again I was in the front group. However just like all the previous rounds the effort of the first half of the racing and all that chasing had a detrimental effect and just like Saturdays Nationals I was hanging off the back of the fast boys. And to add to my woes my knee was 'twanging' on the start of each climb, until it went twang big time and I had to pull.
Not a good week. The next day I had a power session on the Turbos and all was fine. And the day after that a few hours off road, and it still seems fine. I'm hoping This Sundays road race will go a little better?
The Bowl, with the extra loop to the lower right

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