Monday, 15 July 2013

Omloop Van Der Drie Dorpen

15th July 2013, LVRC road race the 'Omloop Van Der Drie Dorpen' Great roads and 'sectors' to race on.
My report from the peloton;
I came I saw I punctured! Put it this way, it takes longer to pronounce the name of the race than it did for me to ride it.
The race was originally scheduled for March, but snow drifts put paid to that. So the re run was this weekend, and conditions couldn't have been anymore different. The mud was hard baked and the small rocks that were once under the mud were now sitting there on the surface waiting to 'av ya'
When I punctured it set off a chain reaction with a further five riders puncturing in the same spot. When I retired only three riders in my age group were left standing.
At the race HQ you couldn't help but notice the eclectic mix of bikes; full carbon race machines, alloy, Ti and steel hacks and cyclo-crossers.As it turned out crossers were king, not so much because of the bike itself, but the large volume tyres.
The Arenberg is pussy compared to this little year....
not your average road race.

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