Sunday, 4 March 2012

Well I hope that did some good?

Today was definitely one of those 'should I shouldn't I' rides. So of course I went for the 'I should' option, however I did nearly turn back after getting a freezing cold wet arse within minutes!
I rode down to our usual start at Energié expecting to see at least one other retard out in this weather, but no I was the only retard on the block.
So setting off in the downpour I decided to make up the route on the hoof. First get out of Leighton Buzzard as soon as possible. That done I set off for Ivinghoe Beacon, by now I was fighting a headwind as well as pouring rain - might as well chuck some hills in then. Once over the Beacon I went through Ringshall, gingerly descended into Aldbury, crossed the A41 and climbed up to Wiggington. From Wiggington I decided to gamble on a new route and set off for Chesham. The sign said 'Chesham 5 miles' that'll do. The headwind into Chesham was ' Hertz Van Rental' and once there I realized I didn't know how to get back without heading off the way I had arrived, I'm too stubborn for that. So I used my mental compass or guessed, funny how time stands still when your lost!
Eventually I got my bearings, I was near the Lee the outermost point of last weeks ride. From here it was a steady pace into St Leonards, the slowest descent of 'The Crong',  into Aston Clinton, Long Marston and then Cheddington where I picked up my first tail wind. With the wind behind me I hooned it into Mentmore,  but my hooning was short lived as I punctured just by 'Train Robbers Bridge'. With a quick feel and a guestimate that I had just about three miles to go, I decided to ride home on it, no way was I going to whack a new one on just on my doorstep.
After a squirmy few miles I came across Tim in the Team Merc, one of the few LBRCC riders that had called the right day this weekend. Tim in team Merc escorted me for the last couple of hundred yards, pro stylee.
Anyway the one thing that stopped me turning back was the simple thought that we have to race in this, and it could be like this when we ride to Paris and back later this year.
Silly really.

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Carl said...

'well I hope that did me some good'

Nope I've got a stinking cold is all.