Sunday, 11 March 2012

Get well soon ride!

A recover ride as opposed to a recovery ride was needed today as my ride in the rain and snow last week had given me severe man-flu.
I decided to roll out of Energié with the club, but with the full intention of heading off alone as soon as possible. It was crucial (techy bit coming) that I kept my heart rate down near 125 max for the ride, so as not to work my chest. So after a little en-route chin wag I waved goodbye to the guys in Heath & Reach and wiggled up and over Stockgrove and Brickhill.
After dropping into Stoke Hammond I caught up with three Triathletes, I rode with them long enough to be polite then shelled them out - cough or no cough it had to be done. My route took me through Stewkley, into Swanbourne, Dunton, Cublington and Wingrave. Past Wingrave I had the chance to put down the hammer without going over my set limit. Big ring selected I hunkered down to reach Cheddington.  Riding along that long straight I met Andy and crew coming the other way - helooooo.
Then as Cheddington neared I had a dilema. Straight on and up Toms Hill then a coffee. Or turn right and ride the Crong (it's not the Cronge Tim (",)). Crong it was.
Bugger I forgot about that long uphill drag before the Crong. I settled down into a very steady pace, trying not to get out of breath, looking over my shoulder constantly in case any Sunday riders overtook me at this embarrassingly slow pace. I even used the gear that is never used, the get out of jail free gear, the 39x25 oh the shame. I did wind it up a bit after coughing up what looked like a human ear that landed square on the back of my gloves, it felt like my pipes had been cleared after that. I stopped at the top to wipe away the bright green offending body part, I did think it deserved a burial actually and pressed on feeling like a new man.
So over the top and the ride settled down at a steadier pace, the sun was shining, I was riding past other riders and took time to fantasize about winning races!
I decided not to head straight for Wiggington, but to add a few more miles and so headed off in the direction of Chesham. Before getting lost again in the same place as last week I turned and followed my nose to Aldbury where I would nip up Toms Hill for a well earned Coffee. Toms Hill didn't seem to bad actually? but I was still going to have my coffee - which was actually hot this time.
Coffee downed, and one of the three tops I was wearing removed I set off to ride over the Beacon. I love the Beacon, whatever the weather it's always a picture. I shot down the other side leaving Sunday drivers unable to catch me. Managed to get the T-junction just right and big ringed it up the short stretch before turning left and slipping into the drops for the last downhill of the day.
From that point in Ivinghoe Aston I took it steady again enjoying the dry roads, even Zoltans corner was fast today. I took a left at Slapton to ride under 'Train robbers bridge', into Ledburn and then a final off road section along the canal under the bypass to bring me home.
A very very steady pace, and not a bad distance of exactly 60.5 miles. I feel much better now thank you.

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