Sunday, 11 March 2012

Race plans

It's two months yet before I race, but preparation starts next week (too ill this week) but I have plans that are most cunning.
Before I start I'll have one more week of just riding as it still feels like winter.
First of all I'll be back on the Chris Carmichael plan. It should be nine weeks to peak using this plan, but I should feel the benefit by the seventh week. I just hope I can stomach the Turbos for that long.
Then with a month to go I'll use the race bike for the first time. I'll also use my proper race shoes that I haven't worn for over a year. Hopefully the stiffer soles will help a bit.
I'll also stick in an off road ride once a week, good for upper body and handling.
Were I've gone wrong in past years is doing this too soon, peaking early and would then be burnt out by June/July just as the others were speeding up.
Well that's the plan.  

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