Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Time Crunched Cyclist

Train smart seems to be the advice being handed down to me as the years go by. It's well documented that your power and speed drops drastically after forty, about 10% per decade and your heat rate threshold drops also.
It isn't rocket science that at a slightly overweight 52 I'm not going to compete with guys half my age without adding a little something to my training. And I don't mean getting juiced up.
So to that end I'm hitting  Chris Carmichaels 'Time Crunched Cyclists' training plan - again. It's worked for me before getting me ready for the cross season, though I've never tried it for road racing. In case you don't know Carmichael was coach to lance Armstrong and George Hincappie.
The plan I'm embarking on is one aimed at racers taking part in crits and cross and other forms of racing that run within that hour long format. Ideally the plan should have you ready to race at nine weeks, but I'll have to be ready in seven.
My training 'proper' kicks off in five days time. So I've spent a few evenings getting the garage (or pain cave) ready. The bike is on the turbos, the HRM is set up on the bike, the cooling fan has been wall mounted, there's music to hand, three sheets of A4 with detailed plans adorn the wall along with a calender with count downs to race one.
The only addition to Mr Carmichaels plans are a midweek night ride off road and one steady road ride.
Sundays will remain club Sundays
The new bike along with race day only shoes will remain locked away whilst I train on 'heavy bike', a bit of an old fashioned way of doing things, but it's nice to feel you are on and wearing something better on race days.
So with the soul sold to the Devil I just need to get on.............mleh.

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