Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Night riding again.

With Nick-No-Balance, just like days of yore.
A quick blast up through Southcott Stud and down through Bluebell Woods. Then a sharp turn onto the new'ish Rushmere Park cycle trails. We rode the fine little selection of downhills complete with berms and of course the loose loamy uphills that'll have anyone huffing and puffing.
Once out of Rushmere we climbed up through Stockgrove and out into the trail that leads to the old A5.
Before heading back to retrace the route we mcame out on, we did a quick loop of Oak Wood, the original local man made trail. That done it was a fast ride home.
not sure where my necks gone...Kermit?
Both of us are quite a bit rusty on the trails, but I for one intend to make Tuesday night rides a regular thing once more.

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