Saturday, 1 August 2009

It's been a while!

Over a year in fact.

So what's new? Well the Inbred and Carver have gone to new homes, and the old crosser bit the dust. In their place there now sits a racey Giant XTR self build, a Nicolai singlespeed (poss the only one in the UK) a Planet X road bike and a Spesh Allez Elite hack bike.

As for my riding,well I half did a SITS 24 hour solo but bust my finger. Got up and riding again a month or so later only to seriously bust up my back in a stupid fall. Took to the road bike to build up fitness only to crash on my first MTB ride and tear my Intercostal thingy wotsit, that was Good! Friday.

Joined the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists and got mullered several times. Started using the road bike quite a lot, even had a quick session in France. Started my XC runs again and err that's about that so far this year.

Getting myself properly sorted for the big 50 at the end of the year. Planning another 24 hour solo,some road racing and a trip to bag some Alps.

More later...................   

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