Tuesday, 20 May 2008

5-4-3-2-1 Go....splutter and stop!

Just about sums up my Set2rise 12 hour solo effort.
Spam biking had laid on a great course that deserved a good effort by all. However all I could manage was a measley seven hours of straight riding to tot up seven laps.
Seven hours seemed to have played havoc with my knee, the reason I stopped. Though like your driving test you need a few more reasons to fail, so I'll count too much darkness and a sore butt in as well.
Seven in seven was pretty good going at the time, but the wise ones that rested between laps soon overtook me. A shame really as I was feeling 'good to go' apart from terminal knee ache.
So the rest of the event was spent watching riders go by from the cold comfort of the camper van, getting more colder and bitter as the hours went by.
Something that came to light the following morning was that my EBB had slid out a good ten millimetres towards the drive side, the same side as my knee pain, a coincidence? It was the first time I'd ever experienced such a pain.
One final thing. The Army carried out a nightime excersise mid race. Rockets, flares, Infantrymen GPMG's going off all around us........Bizarre.

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