Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Run Bike Run Bike Blah blah blah

This is going very well now, though I don't know how I'm ever going to manage night runs in the winter? The running shows some real signs of improving and though I don't feel it I must be getting tired. Last night it took an hour of chasing the Buzzards before my biking legs kicked in, and then as Lance would say it was 'no chain'.
Running also gives me more time to ponder about where I want to go with my riding in the future. The thing I think about a lot is the 3 Peaks and it does seem the next obvious choice. Also I'm thinking about next years FNSS XC races when I will be a grand vet.
The other thing I'm thinking about a lot right now is my singlespeed and if there is a place for it within my current and probabal futue riding plans, I can't help think a cyclo cross bike might be a better winter option?
Anyway this is a full on week, no let ups, run then ride and no rest days. Next week I'll up the mileage but I'll get rests in to compensate.
Chillin in a darkened room right now making plans most cunning.

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