Sunday, 2 August 2009

Mental Hillness

Before I go any further I should say I've just Hoovered up my glasses, so I'm having a bit of bother seeing close up so please forgive any spolling mistakes.

Mental Hillness! 12 hours!!  bike or run!!! Hayfield September 2009. Really fancy this one. I asked about trying to get a four man run team together but that hasn't happened. So again it looks like I'll be having another attempt at a 12 hour solo. Though the good thing is that this one is run during daylight hours, never seen the point of specifically running them in darkness? Not booked in yet but hopefully myself and a small Buzzards contingent might make it.

Went out withthe Buzzards today and I'm feeling pretty good, any extra fitness gained between now and the event would be a real bonus though very unlikely.

Anyway onwards and upwards, just wish my calf muscles would ease up a bit after my runs......................nurse. 

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