Sunday, 18 August 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 14

Round fourteen and the penultimate round of this series. To be honest it's was a bit of a mleh day. Andy had gone to the trouble of riding up here to race, but felt shit and promptly rode back home again. Everything was same old same old.
As usual I told myself to sit back, been telling myself that all year and as usual I did a bit too much. By the time the race got to that slightly nervous moment, the bit were the ones that are going to go mass near the front, I was a bit heavy in the legs. I made the gap when it went, well I actually judged it and went to the front so I didn't have to chase.
All went well for a few laps until the elastic went on the exit of the bends. I think I've cracked it now though, I've been going too fast and tight and braking when I should be accelerating. Slow in fast out.
I huddled in with a few A/B racers and we ate up dropped riders and lapped others, and avoided the humility of being lapped.
That said I still finished somewhere between 7th and 11th, the organisers   only count the top three.
So one more road race and that's it for the year. Then the bike goes off to Chamberlaine Cycles who'll be looking at making it/me more aero and converting it to tubeless, anything to squeeze out the extra few seconds and feet.
Leading out in fading light

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