Wednesday, 22 May 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 3

Sadly I wasn't racing this round as I was helping the LBRCC fulfill their marshaling duties. Marshaling two races in the same month? hopefully some good Karma will come my way.

Though I must confess that it was interesting to watch the race go by at close hand, God they motor. I couldn't believe that I could actually stay with these boys. And the camaraderie is just as good, walking down to my marshaling post and being greeted with nods, waves and smiles was really uplifting, who needs more.

Got to give a big shout to Tim and Simon. Tim you work too fucking hard, make some of the other slackers work. I think they think they're on a 200km plus stage of the tour. No place for wheel suckers in an hour long race.
And Simon, I thought you had it sussed, and then....well you know. Repeat this mantra 'I must not sit on the dragons tail'
And what about the Corley guys, teamwork at it's best.  

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