Saturday, 18 May 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 2

Ha! so if we had nigh on perfect conditions for racing last week, this weeks then were about as bad as it gets...again. It was pouring down when I arrived, and only a few hardy fools had turned up and were currently cowering under the shelter of the HQ's porch. No one was keen to warm up? and we still needed confirmation that the race was going ahead. Pretty soon enough bods turned up and the marshals got themselves busy.
On went the thermals, full finger gloves, knee warmers and hot oil, and a full waterproof for a few warm up laps. Then for the last few minutes of the warm up the jacket came off so I could acclimatize, right away you get that horrible feeling of cold water soaking your arse.
We gathered for the off, the weather made the start a pretty laid back affair. We got the usual look after yourselves and were sent on our way.
Unusually for me I was timid on the wet corners to start with, and the smooth tarmac joins and floods were making me nervous. While I was trying to dial in a faster more confident group went away. I looked over my shoulder and counted myself in a bunch of eight riders. I realized this was my lot, so sat in to get the mark of the guys I was with. Pretty soon I found the ideal line round the bends, and that I was strong on the only climb? Like last week I was doing more than my fair share of work on the front, but for some reason I was feeling proper frisky so I started to sprint on the climb and speed up through the tricky corners.
A few times I found myself right off the front. I wasn't interested in winning, just having a good race. So I kept this up until the eight became four and only then did I settle down.
We worked well together for the remainder of the race. I saw that some had packed and were putting kit into their cars, and we also lapped a few.
On the bell lap I was on the front, again. I was convinced that I was going to come fourth, but I was happy knowing that I'd put in the better ride. I saw the chequered flag up ahead and waited for my fellow riders to pass, but that didn't happen and I took the flag for my age group.
The win was a bit shallow because of the small numbers, but I guess I turned up, I followed rule #5, I was 'in it to win it'.
Pretty happy though, and a win is recorded for time immemorial.

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