Monday, 6 May 2013

Globe Sportif 2013

Off to the club house for a 7.30am meet, not a soul about so off I went to ride the Globe RCC sportif. The weather was looking pretty okay, no wind or rain, but still not warm enough to leave arm and leg warmers at home.
A few minutes later I meet a few fellow LBRCC members at the event HQ and agree to ride a steady ride with the as soon as I've signed in.
Formalities done, we wait for the majority of the riders to depart giving us a clear run. A look over my shoulder tells me we are the last riders, everyone else has gone.
I tell Tom I'm going to ride steady, but at my own pace. Even at our steady pace we've already passed lots of riders before leaving Totternhoe. Miles asks me where we are heading 'your house' I tell him! As I'm riding along it dawns on me how tough this little ride is, and I wonder if all those we pass know what they're in for? Anyway we pass Miles house, and the fun begins. We are about to ride the Brickhills. Miles compliments my steady pace as we start the Three Locks climb, but that's the last time I see him.....or any of the others.
Near the top of the hill I pass the 25 mile cut off, and a young triathlete comes past me to take the 'hill'. I ride behind him for a short while before passing on the descent. I change into the 53 for the first time and ride away out of Aslpley woods, just after giving an oncoming Jase a quick wave. I see no one for miles until I'm about to climb Bow Brickhill when the triathlete joins me again. The climb makes us ride together, and I welcome the company. Though mindful of the fact I'm racing a day later I ease off on the climbs out of the Brickhills.
We leave Stockgrove Park and head up 'Roubaix Hill' one of my favourites. Over the top I'm greeted with a tailwind and decide to use it. I pass many riders including my triathlete friend, I don't see him again. It's very flat for a while now and I press on, but not hard. I pass the final cut off for the 25 milers and and make my way to Bison Hill. I've not seen a soul since Heath & Reach, but all of a sudden my clubs G3 riders come riding towards me, it's great spotting the familiar green.
Bison Hill is a relaxed affair, and I say to myself 'done' once over the top. It's easy riding now, and it's a fair bit warmer. I pass through Studham, Gaddesden Row, Ashridge, and down Toms Hill into Aldbury. Then through Horton, Slapton and Eddlesborough. I'm pretty certain I turn off at this point, but I misread the hand written sign and inadvertently add a few more miles to the ride! Realizing I've gone a bit wrong as I head towards Dunstable I turn off and head downhill to the HQ. I'm met by Vince here and we try and talk as we plummet down hill. I don't think he heard me say I was turning off?
Before I ride home I sit soaking up the sun on the Cricket clubs pavilion while Miles plays mum with the free cake. After a decent amount of time I take my arm warmers off and ride home.
A highly recommended ride, very very friendly, but the terrain can bite back.
Same bike, same kit, same place 2013
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