Saturday, 27 October 2012

Zappi's cyclo - cross 2012

Grimacing on a tough course
Oh yeah. Round four hosted by Zappi's cycle café looked the business, Ups, downs, mud as deep as you like and plenty of sections to put the hammer down....proper 'old skool' cross. I was going to love this.
Four of Team Green were here to race, Craig, Stuart, Rob and myself. And for the first time this season the Commisaire  called up a complete grid based on recent results, which in this case was as listed above.
Even so we were still close together. The gun went off and we were away. Instantly the pattern formed, Craig/Stuart/Rob/me. I try to stay in contact as long as possible to minimise losses and it paid off this time. Rob went down heavy in the worst mud section allowing me past. Normally I'm two minutes adrift so something was wrong. Later I found out he had punctured.
Still I was loving this course and I was having good luck as well, riders were falling like flies and I found a path through every time.
Each lap was a treat to ride. And I was having a good old ding dong with a Bicester rider, he was quicker on the straights and I was on his wheel on the technical sections. Sadly he seemed to blow just after half way and that left me in no mans land for the duration. That is until Andy of the Archer RC came past. Riding in that smooth almost effortless style of his, and he just seemed to make up ground like he was on tarmac?
With two laps to go I tried to put in some more effort and managed to pass or lap a few riders. Then approaching the bell I realised that the winner was about to bear down on me, a quick spurt and I got in the extra lap. I think there was one second in it. Even the marshal didn't know wether to ring the bell or wave the flag. I was the last seven lapper so no pressure, but there was still time to pass a few more before sprinting up the straight to the flag.
Definitely 'the' race so far.

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