Sunday, 28 October 2012

A5 Rangers cyclo-cross 2012

The off in a Trisports sandwich
Well we're certainly getting variety in the courses this season. Last week it was Zappi's Somme like conditions and this week it was the manicured lawns of Magdalen College in Brackley.
Conditions were cold but thankfully dry because this was an off camber fest. I set off for the usuall few recce laps and was shocked at how tough it was, it was turn turn turn bang bang bang.
I lined up in the pen waiting to be gridded and was actually thinking of pulling out early....I really didn't fancy this one.
rolling out
I finally got called up and noticed hardly anyone behind me! Then we were off. I had luck on my side and found a clear line passing both Rob and Stuart. Stuart soon got past, but Rob couldn't find a line and was breathing down my neck. He finally got past on a bend hitting and snapping a post in the process sending it into my front wheel. To his frustration he went down in the first of the off cambers and I slid past again. Still breathing down my neck he passed me on the first run section and I saw him speed off into the distance spitting fire. I considered myself lucky at getting a 'free' lap so I abandoned my idea of jacking and rode a damage limitation ride. As I write this I don't have any results, but I think my steady ride kept me at the usual two minutes off Rob. I also managed to pass a few riders that were gridded ahead of me which further spurred on my enthusiasm.
Pressing on I found I wasn't having the same issues as many other riders in that I found it no problem staying upright. So rather than make my moves on the few straight sections I took risky lines on the bends to overtake and it worked.
I had a clean and tidy race and didn't get lapped by Craig this time,  I also saw that that as I started my last lap the leader was not far behind me. If he passed me I'd be down a lap on the others so I gunned it a bit and got the bell lap. Like last week I'd got in seconds before the winner allowing me one more lap. I could have gone easy, but I found two riders in my sights that I managed to pass before taking the chequered flag.
I'd gone from whinning sod to a happy bunny in one hour.
But there was more to come. Stuart had a little surprise for us, but we had to give him a few minutes? We cycled back to the cars and I saw Craig beaming. Stu had something on the go for us, the cold had obviously  affected my sense of smell as I thought it was hot chocolate.......but no, ever better


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