Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hemel Hempstead cyclo-cross 2012

Famous five Moi, Rob, Craig, Fraser, Stu
Last weekend LBRCC entered it's largest race squad for a single event, the event was the Hemel Hempstead CX, round 3 of the 2012/13 Central league. Again conditions were good with a fast drying course. Normally I'd like a bit of slime, but the Hemel is a very technical course so there weren't any complaints.
Myself and Rob tried to start a bit further up the grid as it was another 140 plus rider event, which meant you stood a good chance of just finishing where you started. However we didn't do as well as Craig who managed to get right up there.
At the gun myself, Rob and Stuart were all close. The course was so well designed that congestion was almost zero at the first tricky bit. However a muppet making a first lap bike swap swung out of the pits right into me, then proceeded to hold me up whilst trying to index his gears. That was the last I saw of the others.
Feeling pee'd off I started to chase Rob and Stu, Craig was well off in front. By the end of the second lap I was about 15 metres behind, but exiting the crowded woodland singletrack I was surprised to see the two of them way ahead?
Sadly that's how all the other laps went. I tried sitting on a wheel, but soon realised that the rider in front was too slow, so I overtook and rode alone the entire race.
There was some good news though, I was making ground on riders that had been ahead of me in the previous races. They were standing still and myself and Rob were making a good two minutes up on them, a good sign so early on in the season.
If I could have lost the back ache I could have done better, or at least not seen Craig tear past me.
It was a good race and well ridden except for the speed, and it was great to have team mates there
In order of finishing; Craig, Stu, Rob, me, Fraser(dnf)

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