Monday, 2 April 2012

One month and counting

To the first race of 2012, and training is going pretty well. Well at least I think it is. I don't feel on top form, but I hope that's because it's due to arrive later?
Anyway I've just started week three of Chris Carmichael's  'Time Crunched Cyclist', you know about the time it starts to hurt and the benefits don't seem that obvious. I've just done SEPI sessions - sustained effort power intervals, probably the most 'fun' part of the plan.
Other than that the rest of the week went to plan. Sunday had the club out in numbers training well together. Monday it was intervals on the turbos and Tuesday was spent mountainbiking with N-N-B. That session was a tad faster than I wanted, and later that night I experienced lactic for the first time in years.
Thursday it was back on the turbos for another interval session, mleh. And Friday it was time for rest, yay!
Saturday went pear shaped as I got called in to work, but that's life.
So then it was back round to Sunday and the regular session. I felt a bit odd on this ride, couldn't tell if I was tired, weak or just working hard. That said I put in a good show for an old boy. sadly one of my LOOKs broke and I had to hobble home without finishing the ride.
Back home I settled down to watch the Ronde van Vlaanderen, and got to see Tom Boonen take the win. Absolute classic classic!
Then Time for bike chores (before a few celebratory Belgian beers) first rotate the tyres in readiness for next weeks Hell of the North, check pads and chain, raise saddle and make sure everything is torqued. then mount bike on the turbos.
Just found another beer lurking at the back of the fridge btw.
So Mondays session is done and dusted, off roading tomorrow, turbos (again) Wednesday, club social Thursday, steady one Friday, Saturday?  Then the big one Sunday, Raphas Hell of the North London. Really looking forward to this, so I'll keep quiet now until Sunday night.

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