Sunday, 8 April 2012

Club pump RIP

It is with a sad and indeed heavy heart that I announce the passing of  'the club pump'.
Club pump passed away today whilst carrying out  duties on the 3rd Rapha 'Hell of the North'. It was the first puncture of the day which occurred on the famous 'Bread and Cheese Lane'. It is believed that the pump reached 60 PSI before suffering complete internal failure.

Club pump started it's valiant service in 2007. Then assisting mountainbikers in both competition and general riding. Later it was to see service during road training rides where it's true values were really felt, and there after became the only source of inflation on all my rides. In 2009 it became the pit pump at local cyclocross races. Though it will probably be forever remembered for assisting the limp of wrist on the LBRCC club runs.
Club Pump 2007-2012

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