Sunday, 15 April 2012

New bike new shoes

I thought it was about time I ventured out with the new combo. The new combo being the TCR Advancd and Mavic shoes.
I had planned to ride the Evans 90 today, with the option of bailing and doing the 62 but I was talked into doing the club run. They miss my whinging if I'm not there.
Anyway the Giant was noticeably different from the off. Stiffer and lighter and made of top end Torray T800 carbon. Not surprising I guess compared to the heavier and flexi Airborne. So it was a shame about the wind!
During the ride I was happy to ride as much as possible off the front, really to test the set up, but I had forgotten to fit the computer so I had no idea how we were going.
Our ride took us out Buckingham way with the intention of riding into the headwind so we could get the payback when we turned around. Regardless of the wind the pace was good and we had time to go for village signs, well not me. Then after a long tough stint into the wind my clubmates went for another sign, this time taking the group with them. As I couldn't respond I fell back and sat with Andy who was tired from Saturdays effort and was only able to ride in the small ring. For some reason no one waited, I caught up and explained that we had a man off the back and fell back to ride with them, but still no one waited. Feeling a bit miffed by this and not doing my long one I had a massive flounce and went my own way.
Group communication needs working at if we are to sprint off at random points.
Anyway by then a small group of four was returning to Leighton and after a short while we had a nice little line going and slowly built the speed up, until we had it going full tilt in the drops.

Giant TCR Advanced just built
Once home I swapped bikes and had a good stint on the turbos listening to Amy Winehouse. I tried to work out why we have trouble keeping our rides tight. I have some thoughts, but I'll save those for the next meeting.

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