Sunday, 11 February 2007


Sums up Sundays ride!
Shame really because I missed the midweek downfall of snow. The warmer weather, the melting snow and the recent downpour led to some of the worst conditions of the year so far.
Luckily I met up with an ex Buzzards riding mate, we confessed that if we had'nt met up, we probably would have cut the day short.
The conditions meant that nothing exciting was ever going to happen, and it did'nt.
The only subject of discussion on the ride was our choice of bikes. Out of no choice I was on my crosser, Marcus however was on a 5" travel Spesh Enduro.............singlespeeds would have been a better option.
Erm. That's it really.
My new bike did'nt turn up.
Ooh hang on I went for a run, well more of a Nordic skiing session without the skis or the snow. I'm sure there must be a market for mud skis? Even with my trail shoes on I went over twice and was in severe danger of splitting my difference! If I do that run again and tell myself 'I really must get spikes at somepoint' again, I'm gonna punch myself in the face.

Winter is wearing thin, is all I can say.

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