Sunday, 4 February 2007

Alone again...naturally.

Who sung that?
Nevermind, there seems to be a pattern developing here. First it was the comfort of Singletrack World, then into the big brave world of our own site, Woburncrankers. Now I'm here all alone, just me and this blogspot.
A bit like my riding. Where once there were many of us, it now seems I have to ride all alone. Perhaps they just hate me! I don't think I smell.
So I've just done my first ride since starting this, and a run as well.
The run was meant to be a group night thing, but it turned out to be just me. Me alone again, and the full moon, and the warewolves, and the trees that come to life and twist your ankles with their feely roots.
Well at least it was a fast run!
Then on Saturday I took the cross bike out again, yep you got it, me the cross bike and no one else. In fact does anyone ride on Saturdays?
The good thing is, I'm getting some good rides in. All non stop, all fairly longish and the cross bike gives you a darn good workout, in fact that's all I've ridden since Christmas. I'm hoping that when I do get round to riding a mountainbike again it'll seem like a peice of cake in comparison.
Apart from the night run and my cross ride the only other bikey things I've done are to watch Gunne-Rita Dahle on telly. And prepare all the parts for my soon to arrive new singlespeed. The long awaited replacement for my old and busted Inbred. Oh it's a Carver 96er since you ask. So hopefully this time next week I'll giving you the low down on it's first ride, and some piccys of course.

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