Sunday, 18 February 2007

Carver 96'er & trail clearing

Well today the Carver 96'er got it's first full test. The designated area today was Woburn Sands, and the ride was to coincide with some time trail clearing.

So with the Camelbak loaded and secateurs to hand off we set.

ASBO! my BMX freewheeel went straight away. It is commonly known that BMX freewheels are the Chav's of bike componenets. Not to be put off I gingerly continued with the ride, waiting for a gonad/top tube interface at moment, as long as I kept spinning and the pawls remained in place I would be alright.

Anyroadup, that aside the Carver turned out to be a top piece of kit. The first thing I noticed was it's cornering I was cutting off bits of trail with each turn and pedaling fast into the singletrack, so ok it can handle.

can it climb? yes it bloomin can, though I was afraid of the freewheel going so did hang back a bit, most of the climbs I did sat in the saddle (not ideal on a singlespeed)

Obstacles? again no problemo though again the freewheel thing! Though I did find out that suddenly I'd become a wheely expert on this thing....a quick tug and woohoo.

Basically I'm well chuffed this bike the two short tests I've given it show that it does'nt lack in any department. To improve things for the future my mate Nick-No-Balance is building a new Hope rear wheel, thus doing away with BMX style freewheels forever. In the meantime I'm bunging an old XT/Mavic 819 with Gusset converter on it just to keep riding. can't wait to really put it through it's paces.

We also found time to do a bit of trail clearing. The area is covered in thorny gorse that goes straight through cycling gloves and this is what we spent time clearing. Oh and swilling coffee dutyfully carried around by N-N-B.

So overall one of the most chilled days of the year so far.

Finally sorry to all the other trail users today for my verbal outbursts (it's not torrettes spell check) just due to that flipping BMX freewheel jobbie.

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