Sunday, 22 May 2011

LBRCC Ride 22nd May

Sadly todays ride didn't quite go as smoothly, even with a larger turnout of eight riders.
The big problem is the ability, and boy does it vary.
However that said, we did get our newest rider both in terms of mere months on a bike and time with the group up and over Ivinghoe Beacon. If the Beacon was good enough for the Milk Race back in the day, then it's good enough for me.

After that point the group split, and the tempo went out the window. The other problem with riding with guys you've not known that long is that unless you keep looking over your shoulder you can't tell if everyone is keeping together.
I'm still convinced however that if we ride tight at tempo we'll ride longer and faster and most importantly all together.

To that end another 'long' ride is planned for next weekend. Hopefully the miles will keep us together.

Well done Ian BTW.

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