Sunday, 14 June 2015

LVRC MK Bowl Circuit Races 2015 Round 6

Tuesday nights seem to now herald stormy weather, and this Tuesday didn't prove to be the exception. So as now customary I have a little practice with both aero's fitted, then pop back to the car and fit a standard front purely for control. With so many riders out it would be reckless to ride a bike that might develop a mind of it's own at any point. Think I'm kidding? last week a rider was actually blown over.
With warm ups done I line up with all the other racers AB's CD's and CF's Then when we get the off I realize I'm right on the back of the bunch, I imagine what my clubmates would think if they saw me now. 'I thought he knew what he was doing' probably. So I make sure I'm in a better position when we come round again. Not content with a better position I move up to around a fourth place spot, and suddenly the race becomes a whole lot easier.  For half the race we let others chase down breaks and counter any decent attacks. The race feels slow from here, but we pass plenty of dropped AB's and lap the CF's so it only feels slow. Being in the company of the big boys is making life a lot easier.
However things are about to change! The warning has gone out and the race is about to go onto the full circuit.
Dear God what am I doing. I've let far too many riders past for the first turn onto the extended circuit. Even before I've made the turn I know I've blown my race and undone all the good work that had gone before.
I'm fast going out of the back, and when finally separated I have to settle into TT mode in an attempt to draw in stragglers and get 'something' going, but that doesn't work. Instead I simply ride round passing those not wanting to play.  So again it's mid bunch mediocrity, rolling in 15th, two places up on last week.
Going better that night was Dave Brown, getting the win in EF's. I saw Dave in a three man break so I assume he won the sprint.
Still good representation for the club.
Congratulations Dave.

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