Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The 2014 Season

Sat here still feeling ill and very very frustrated at not being able to ride. Still I've had plenty of time to sort a few planned rides for the coming year. And actually having a look over the list it doesn't look to shabby.
A few things are missing because we don't have any dates like the 'Gentlemens run' a brisk run from Calais to Boulogne Sur Mer and inland before heading North back to Calais.
There should be a Belgian 'cobbles' ride in there somewhere as well!
And the highlight, the Pyrenean trip. Though the 'relaxed' two mountain summits a day and the crazy French sportive might give way to a Pyrenean SR, 45,000 feet of climbing in 600km.. (sorry about mixing my measurement metaphors.)
But to the list, first up.......
Start of summertime 200km Audax.
3 Down 300km Audax.
Hell of the North Cotswolds 100km off road.
Severn Across 400km Audax.
Bucks Off Road Sportive 132km off road.
Then come mid May the road race season starts, though 2014 will be a shorter season with just perhaps ten or thirteen races. In between road races, well mainly Crits I'll be racing XC on the 29'er.
Slotted in between the shaven legged summer racing, like the proverbial 'Bulldogs Bollocks' is the mighty 'Buzzard' a 600km dash to Exeter and back, back being Leighton Buzzard.
Road racing finishes late August (for me) Hopefully allowing a few weeks in which to ride the SR Pyrenees.
We are not long back before the biggy in my riding calender.......
Add into all this the regular Sunday bun runs, the evening mountain bike rides and the joyfull hours on the turbos and the year looks pretty fine.
That'll see me into 2015, and it all starts again

28th February the entries for the 2013 Wiggle Mountain Mayhem go live, time for my 10th 24 hour solo mountain bike race

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