Saturday, 8 June 2013

LVRC/MKCA Circuit Races Round 5

Back again after marshaling duties and a bad chest. And what an evening to return to racing. I had already decided that I was going to take it steady after a few weeks off. I got all my kit ready the night before so I could get away in good time, however Mrs Smilerbiker was late getting me from work, so I had to run home which isn't an ideal way to ready yourself for an evening race.
Anyway I was soon at the Bowl, signed up and warming up. Although it was sunny there was a hell of a wind effecting a large part of the circuit. Luckily though there was a very very large field so plenty of places to hide for my 'steady' race.
Once under way I wiggled my way into the middle of the forty man bunch. It was bloody hard work not going to the front of falling off the back, but I managed it. When the twenty minute mark was up the marshals opened the gates to extend the circuit. And I remember thinking what an easy ride I'd had so far.
However once onto the full circuit things started to hot up. After the six turns the bunch was lifting the pace into the headwind, if you didn't manage to lock onto a wheel you'd be left struggling in the strong wind.
Now some don't like the turns and 'gates', but I love them, and started to claw back a spot or two each lap whilst going through the twists and turns. This meant I was in a good spot to grab a wheel when the pedal went down.
Once I felt I was in a comfortable spot I settled in and each lap became routine. To be honest I thought there were a few off the front and that our bunch was just racing for honours. So when the bell lap came I was more than happy to let riders come through. And when the line approached I didn't bother to contest the bunch sprint. However to my surprise I saw a rider just yards ahead throw his arms skywards to take the win!
Oh well I probably didn't have any top end anyway, but I was more than happy to find myself finishing so close after a few weeks illness. Now I'm looking for steady progression up to the Nationals, though that won't be an hour plus five, it'll be 70 miles of open road.
Flanked by ex team mates Andy and Simon.

Finished off the week with a superb mountain bike night ride and an intense turbo session.

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