Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The final countdown

To the first road race of 2013 is almost at an end. The LVRC Baines road race on the 10th looms close, and I'm as the say 'shitting it'. The field is loaded with not just quality vet racers, but 4th 3rd 2nd 1st and Elite British Cycling racers. I can only do my best.
Today held a pleasant surprise though, I looked at my training schedule and I was due a rest or 45 minutes of easy spinning. I chose the 45 minutes and span a steady 75/83 RPM along to Jools Hollands tinkling ivories. There won't be any music tomorrow night when we go off road for two hours of body battering night time mountain biking, though I will be keeping my powder dry.
Then Thursday we have a last hard effort on the turbos. After that it's just a case of keeping fit, well and ready for Sunday, easy!
Apart from that all's gone well. I rode the Luton CC reliability trial, quite a fast and easy ride. And one at which the slight weight loss seemed to show.
Best news though was the time on the Harp Hilly 100, even though no serious effort went into the ride, I still managed to get around twenty minutes faster than last year. The downside  though, is that I seemed to have developed bad back pain, it just appeared Sunday morning whilst putting on my road shoes. Ir affected my ability to lay down any power, so I hope it's gone by Sunday.
Harp Hilly 100 60th anniversary route

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