Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Chairman's choice January 2013

For January it has to be the Harp Hilly 100 reliability trial
This is the big one in the 'Chilterns Classics' calender. Riding this is taking part in local cycling history, everyone know's the 'Hilly'. For any clubman new or seasoned completing it will give you the sense that there's nothing you can't ride.
The original HHH started in the mid 50's and the distance was then 100 miles, so chapeau to the old fellas that did it on heavy steel clubman's bikes. Nowadays we just ask you to cover a manageable 100 kilometres.
The ride, although the work of the harp Road Club, starts from Hemel Hempstead CC's club rooms in Nash Mills. The route? all you need to know is that it's hilly. Think of a hill.....yep you're going up that. They're all included, Bison, Ivinghoe, Aston.
I should say, I won't be riding it this year as it clashes with my final cross race of the season. Though I have ridden this since the mid seventies, when it rode out from Amersham, starting under the railway viaduct.
As a final incentive Harp Road Club present a shield to the club with the most finishers covering the full 100km. There's no reason that one day we can't hold that prize.
On a further note I have been in touch with the Harp  to see if details of the original 100 mile route are still known. I have received a reply and hopefully will get the details in time for us to retrace it's original path this year.

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