Wednesday, 20 June 2012

40 punctures and missed races

Thing's haven't gone too well since my last race. I've missed two road races due to timing and piss poor preparation. And one mtb race due to arriving late, well just as they started off. I should of had six races under my belt since May 29th, instead it's only three. Still not too shabby for a four week period.

On top of that I've suffered forty, yes forty punctures since the new year. All due to combining lightweight tyres, undersized innertubes and dreadful roads. Oh and one total tyre blow out descending Toms Hill...parp!
Anyway that should be all fixed now as my shipment of new 'decent' tubes and nice tough Rubinos has arrived.
Hoping to get over to Cosford for some racing this coming Friday, what can go wrong?

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