Saturday, 21 January 2012

Okay I promise to keep this up to date?

So lets have a looky, last post September...oh dear.
What's happened since?
First off the cross season got underway. Nine rounds in the Central CX League. Round 1 had been cancelled due to the loss of venue. So racing started on our home patch in Milton Keynes, rather typically for a 'winter' sport we were racing in temperatures of 30 degrees! I even came home with tan lines....which I still have.
Fraser joined me at Hitchin and for the rest of the season, so we were a team. Then for the penultimate round Rob joined us, giving us a three man squad in the flo green. And so the basis of 2012s cross team had been formed.
November was the month we held our first club reliability trial. The turnout was nearly 100 riders, who rolled out of Liscombe Park for either the 100 or 55km options. The route that took in some of our best and toughest lanes proved very popular, and for 2012 will remain unchanged.
It wasn't all racing and jolly's. Membership grew and the Sunday runs divided up into two. Jason started to take out the more social ride, or the 'cake run'. Which is really the one even the hardest of winter hardmen really want to do. And the brothers Nelson took care of the ever enthusiastic 'training' rides.
December. Was the month to kick back and chill. It was also when we held our first 'club dinner' with obligatory awards ceremony. For the records the awards went to, Adam (Clubman) Vince (most improved fast group) Iain (most improved sports group) Craig (Club Roadman) Rob (club tester) and myself carl (club cyclocross)
After the puddings had settled it was time to get a wiggle on. Saturday became training day and Sunday club day.
January has seen the club focus on preparation for the coming 2012 season. With plans to race 'the Green' in virtually every discipline in cycling, from Audax to road to mountainbike.
Next on the horizon is the Chiltern Classics which start the day after writing this!

Keep posted.

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