Friday, 20 November 2009

Bike update

Sadly the Nicolai went onto pastures new, I believe to be converted to Rolhoff. The Specialized Alez Elite also went to another owner.
New in and obvious from the previous posting is the Pearson Double Cross. That's already seen some racing and some hard winter training sessions. Also new, well sort of is a Graham Weigh cross bike. This is a new budget frame on which I'm fitting a mix of old early ninties Campagnolo I had kicking about and ebay and STW sourced secondhand parts.
Also lurking in the background is an old Gios frame. It's a lovely thing, but not up to todays standards. However I do intend to have it resprayed and fitted with modern Campagnolo and carbon forks. To turn it into what I'd call a gentlemans bike.

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