Tuesday, 28 August 2007

D2D, the 3 Peaks & a cracked frame.....

Summer never really arrived, and it's already time to think about the last events of the year.
First up should have been the 3 Peaks cyclo cross race. I did start training for this at the start of 2007, with plenty of miles on the crosser and a few xc runs each week. However, I was spared a very long walk in the Yorkshire hills when my old cross bike suddenly snapped in two places. Although that meant a long walk home in the wet, it would have been nothing compared to what might have happened if it had broke during the race itself.
I decided that buying another cross frame was'nt worth it for just one race. So instead went and bought myself a nice shiney road bike.
Crossers are fast and great for old field edge stuff, but you can't beat a 'proper' mountainbike for the real rough stuff.
So the 3 Peaks is'nt happening, it's a shame because I would loved to have done it, even if it was just to say I had!

What is happening is the Dusk 2 Dawn, a 12 hour race held in Thetford Forest between the hours of 8pm and 8am.
Again I'm going into the solo classification, and again my old friend Aaron will be there as will Marcus, all of us battling it out for local 12 hour solo honours.
I've ridden the D2D course before, and it has to be the easiest of all 12 and 24 courses, so I hope to do at least as well as I did in the Twentyfour12. The biggest issue for D2D riders is having enough light for the 12 hours, though hopefully Nick-No-Balance has sorted that for me.
All that remains to do is to stay well and fit for the next few months, and perhaps lose my summer holiday belly!

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