Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The preparation months

Ooooh my first 'Big' event of the year is almost upon me. I signed myself up for the Bontrager Twentyfour12. I plumped for the 12 hour solo catagory, and the singlespeed sub-catagory. So in three weeks time I'll be on the start line of another 12 hour event.
I decided against the 24 hour race, as my previous efforts have gone to pot for one reason or another.
Though strangely I feel more nervous about this shorter race than I ever did about the full on 24's. I think in the past I either fooled myself that I could pull one off, or went out there knowing I could'nt do it. 12 hours however is do'able. And I think I might even find room to be a bit competative!
All that remains is one huge nagging doubt, based on the fact that I've felt good for some time now? Odd I know, but I worry that I feel good because I'm not trying hard enough, I only have the encouraging words of my peers who think I'm riding strong to ease my worries.
A little side dish to this event is a 'rivalry' between myself and another local rider whom I know very well. Both of us stomp the same grounds, but our individual approach to the event could'nt be more different, think the Tortoise and the Hare.
As the date for the race draws closer, I think all I can do is stay on top of my fitness as it's far too late for any leaps and bounds in that department. So now all my attention is fixed on the logistics of the event, or in other words what I'm going to scoff.
Anyway it's not far off and I think I'm almost there, well at least as there as I'll ever be. Only the day will tell.

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